1. Here a little tage ive been working on. lots of people in here getting wild. 

  2. Heres colby having some fun at the dieppe rotary.

  3. super stoked on my new Tree Skateboards shirt!

  4. Front side nose slides are hard enough on ledges, to do them comfortably down hand rails is insane. 

  5. Mark is sick… i think that is all that’s needs to be said.

  6. I’ve been slacking lately.. there i said it. enjoy some bails.

  7. This is my first montage with my T2i set up thanks to everyone who did sick tricks while I was around to let me film them. Filming with this camera has been harder then anticipated.. hope you enjoy.

  9. Corey and I got out to scoudouc this past week and I got a chnace to try out my new fisheye. check it out.